Get Ready For PISA

Cognitive assessment and preparatory tests and surveys for PISA-test readiness.

PISA Based Test Platform

The platform provides a digital environment for item development, end-users (schools & teachers) and an "on demand" digital delivery of sample tests to the test-takers.


  • Secured Login
  • Blocks access to browsers during the test
  • Test automatically closes when time runs out

Alignment with main PISA test

  • Includes a growing item bank on Collaborative Problem Solving, Financial Literacy, Reading, Science and Mathematics
  • PISA Comparability
  • PISA Scale
  • PISA proficiency level distribution
  • Powerful Feedback System
  • Digital Reporting Dashboard


  • High availability
  • Advanced Technology Platform
  • Standards driven - CEDS, IMS QTI
  • WCAG Accessibility Compliant
  • Help desk
  • Data Privacy - GDPR


There is a powerful capacity building component developing the awareness, skills and competencies by global peer learning initiatives, such as, community building, network creation, change management, school improvement, to name a few.